Our trusted brands include a simple list of brands that we like and support, not necessarily related to gardening, but aligned with our quality of life standards. This list may be updated frequently.


  • Pact Apparel (Fair trade, organic cotton, sustainable & ethical fashion)

Clothing - Accessories

  • Alchemy Goods (Recycled bike inner tubes, upcycled bags and accessories)

Food & Vitamins


  • MIgardener (Organic backyard farming, sustainable gardening)


  • Dropps (Plastc-free laundry and kitchen cleaning products with carbon neutral shipping)
  • Preserve (Reusable, recycled home products made from plastics recovered from oceans)


  • Genexa (Organic, non-gmo, homeopathic medicines)

Personal Care

  • Crate 61 (Vegan, cruelty-free, zero plastic and organic bar soaps)
  • Ethique (Plastic-free, zero-waste beauty products, bar hair products)
  • Who Gives A Crap (Plastic-free, zero-waste toilet paper organization, 50% profits donated to charity)