Today we harvested two varieties of radishes; Cherry Belle and French Breakfast. Radishes can be harvested one month after being sowed from seed, and these specific varieties are hardy in our climate in zone 6. The main reason why we decided to plant radishes is, firstly that we like them, and secondly, because we wanted to make sure we started planting our own vegetables due to current circumstances with COVID-19. Because radishes can be planted early in the season, it was the first idea that came to us. It is not the first time that we planted radishes in our garden. In previous years we have planted Cherry Belle radishes with great success. We consider radishes a good vegetable for those who are just starting to grow their own food at home. It is easy to grow and can be harvested very quickly. In other words, it is a frustration-free vegetable.

We obtained these two varieties of radishes from MIgardener and Botanical Interests. Radishes are great because the greens go well with salads or stir-fries, and the roots make a delicious, crunchy snack.

Cherry Belle & French Breakfast Radishes

Growing Details

Radishes were planted on March 21st and began germinating after a week. March temperatures were generally mild and the radishes thrived. April was a rainy month, so we didn't have to water them regularly. They also performed well due to the soil, which had been amended with compost and a balanced organic fertilizer. The raised bed where the radishes were planted receives partial sun.

Pests and Diseases

Fortunately, during the 2020 season, we did not find any disease or pest affecting these varieties of radishes.


Radishes can be harvested when much of the root is visible and out of the ground. Once the root is visible and after at least a month has passed the radishes must be harvested or the root will begin to crack. The greens should be removed, washed, and eaten immediately, or stored in the refrigerator and eaten within three days. The roots can be eaten raw, cooked, or frozen when not consumed immediately.

HINT: If the radishes are not going to be consumed immediately, you can place the roots in water to prevent wilting.

Cherry Belle and French Breakfast Radishes

Lessons Learned

It is important to thin the seedlings so that the mature plants will produce full-size roots.

Fast Facts

Date Seed Sown Outside:Mar. 21st
Date Seed Sprouted Outside:Mar. 28th
Date of Perceived Maturity:Apr. 29th
Date Harvesting Started:May. 10th