Focus and Organized with Feedly

Stay focused and organized, with Feedly

Staying focused on the issues we are interested in can be somewhat strenuous. In my case, for example, I am interested in pretty diverse subjects, such as electric cars, economy, longevity, space, technology, sustainability, among others. It would be almost impossible to stay informed about the news from each subject if we visit a special website individually. We would need a full-time job to keep up, especially since most of the today’s websites are contaminated with very negative content.

There are many ways to stay informed without compromising your inner peace, such as subscribing to the YouTube video channels of each topic of interest or using an application to organize your feeds. My favorite application is Feedly, where I have organized the content of approximately 100 blogs and websites regarding my topics of interest. With Feedly I save time, I see everything in one place, it is convenient, efficient, and I only read the topics that interest me, nothing else.

Feedly is free, but it also has paid plans. My objection to monthly plans is that although the application promises to present more content, you can’t filter articles that contain particular keywords. It would be ideal if Feedly offered the possibility of filters, to block articles on topics we want to avoid.

Even so, Feedly is the best application, in my opinion, to stay focused, and prevent your online reading from being contaminated with negativity or with too many ads. To learn more about Feedly, visit: