La Tierra de Oportunidades, the Land of Opportunities

You dream about becoming someone, to have a better life, to have your plate filled with plenty of food. You dream with the Land of Opportunities.


George Washington Mansion Photography

Today we visited the George Washington Mansion in Virginia. The mansion is now displaying the originals George Washington collection paintings. No cameras were allowed inside the mansion, but we were able to take some photons of the architecture and gardens from the area.

Virginia / Maryland Bridge

George Washington Mansion

George Washington Mansion Garden

George Washington Mansion Garden

We are Officially “Out-There”

We are officially covering “art news” in the DC, MD, VA region. The MPblog is “taking off” and you can be part of it. If you are an artist or gallery and need your art show or reception covered, please contact us. We will gladly write a post about your show and take photos. Do you have a press-release that you want to share with us? Then, what are you waiting for?


Ben Tolman’s “Fiction” at The Fridge, Washington, DC

Tonight we had the opportunity to meet the great DC-based artist, Ben Tolman. The opening reception was hosted at The Fridge in Washington, DC. Forty extremely interesting art pieces from the artist will be on display on The Fridge from May 5th to June 1st, 2014. His artwork, mostly monochromatic, plays with what we know as the “regular perspective” and takes us to multi-dimensional worlds. It was simply impossible to decide which piece was our “favorite”. Some of the art pieces in this collection include real world events, retro video games elements, and different geometric objects, among others. To know more about Ben Tolman, please visit his website

Ben Tolman


From Idea To Masterpiece

The evolution of “Hysteria” in photos. From the beginning to the end. From idea to masterpiece. “Hysteria” is a criticism to the collective hysteria in the modern world.


Village Gallery - Fairfax Art League

Recepción en Village Gallery (Spanish)

La recepción pautada para las 7PM del sábado 28 de septiembre de 2013 fué un éxito total. En la actividad participaron artistas del área metropolitana de Washington, DC, amistades, familiares y público en general. Nuestro próximo evento será el día sábado 19 de octubre del 2013 en Village Gallery.