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Welcome to theMPblog. You'll find contemporary painting, as well as photography. You will also find links and references to websites of organizations, friends and/or relatives in the art business.

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Stay focused and organized, with Feedly

Staying focused on the issues we are interested in can be somewhat strenuous. In my case, for example, I am interested in pretty diverse subjects, such as electric cars, economy, longevity, space, technology, sustainability, among others. It would be almost impossible to stay informed about the news from each subject if we visit a special […]

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La Tierra de Oportunidades, the Land of Opportunities

You dream about becoming someone, to have a better life, to have your plate filled with plenty of food. You dream with the Land of Opportunities.  

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George Washington Mansion Photography

Today we visited the George Washington Mansion in Virginia. The mansion is now displaying the originals George Washington collection paintings. No cameras were allowed inside the mansion, but we were able to take some photons of the architecture and gardens from the area.

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